The B-Type battle Bus

Beautiful Battle Bus Completed

We were honoured to be approached by the London Transport Museum and Richard Peskett to produce posters and destination boards for the newly restored B-Bus being prepared for The Year of the Bus events being run at the museum.  Click here to read more.

The B-Type battle Bus Battlebus2-LetterpressDesign Battlebus3-LetterpressDesign Battlebus4-LetterpressDesign


We were up  against a huge puzzle of work when we took on the task of producing the boards needed for the bus.  Bus companies used to have their own fonts for producing destination boards and posters for the commonly changed boards on their buses.  Unfortunately we couldn’t find any of the type we required.  Back to the drawing board.

The finished posters, the Daily Mirror, and the destination boards, which were placed down the length of the bus and front and rear, were too large to be printed letterpress so we agreed to flat print them.  This method was the most cost effective option as we were producing the boards for one bus, a few hundred in the fleet and we may have changed our mind.

We researched the type of paper the boards were originally printed on and how they were mounted, with lots of help from LTM and old boards from Richard.

We think the bus looks absolutely smashing and if you get a chance to see it, go go go. We are.