Traditional Production Methods


The majority of our cards and stationery are produced on a very large and very heavy Victorian letterpress dated approximately 1905. For those of you who are ‘in the know’ we operate an Arab Crown Folio press. Made by J. Wade in Halifax, this has a chase size of 10×15”, which means we have quite a large area to work with.

We for the last 3 years we have been running 2 Heidelberg Platens, 13 x18 and a 15×10. Much of our day to data work is completed on the smaller of the beautiful presses leaving the larges for cutting and creasing.

We also have 3 smaller Adana desktop presses for producing smaller designs and are wonderful for testing designs and colours.

As not to leave the 20th century totally behind, or in front of us, we also use a Hot Foil Machine, for putting on metallic finishes, a Marshall DUT to be precise. Fundamentally the same principles are involved with its operation, as with the smaller Adana presses, so we didn’t feel totally torn with incorporating the shiny bits of our designs with artwork produced on a machine that is over 100 years old.