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Where to begin…..the only limit when it comes to business card design is your own imagination, or course there are normally corporate guidelines to follow, but if those corporate guidelines are yours, then the sky is the limit …and not even then.  Over the years we have helped to produce such a varied selection of letterpress and foiled business cards that there are too many to show here, but we’ll do our best.

We have advised on different types of paper and weights of stock depending on the design and the type of feel our clients want for their corporate image.  Different ink and foil colours, a deeper or shallow deboss depending on the design, one sided or 2 sided, edge painting, round corners, die cut….the list goes on.

There is no right or wrong way of designing your business cards, you do what is right for you and if you get stuck you can ask us.

We can offer you letterpress business cards, hot foiled, blind debossed, embossed, ‘bronzed’ with metallic powder, thermographed, single side, double side on luxurious cottons, striking duplex and 100% receyceld board, plus many others.


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